What to Look for in Your Ideal ‘IT Bag’

What to Look for in Your Ideal ‘IT Bag’

The “IT bag” was a phrase that took form in the 1990s for the best, highly coveted designer bags during a time when fashion and handbags were on the rise. These days, the go-to It bag should transition seamlessly from the runway to your every day, serving as a versatile bag that offers form and function to keep up with your lifestyle. While the design should be striking and something that others covet, other elements can help you find the perfect bag to meet your daily needs.


Everlasting Style

The best It bag is eye-catching in a way that doesn’t have to be flashy and instead is stylish in a tasteful and timeless way. You’re going to want a brand that understands everyday luxury bags and realizes that they should adapt to the needs of modern women—not the other way around. This means that your backpack tote should be adjustable for your needs and comfort and offer a silhouette that can make a statement while serving the test of time, making you a trendsetter in any circle.

Try to find a brand that offers a variety of colors to help you express your personal style. Sport a classic combo like black and brown, or try a deep red as you style it with the rest of your wardrobe. Your carryall selection should be able to transition with you from work to a workout or a meetup with friends, keeping you poised and prepared in impeccable style.


Unmatched Quality

The ideal It bag doesn’t just draw attention because of its style; it’s also durable and long-lasting because of the attention to quality. Your daily work purse should feature ethically and sustainably produced materials like genuine Italian leather for a gorgeous bag that can last you a lifetime. If you want more of a duffle-style bag, be sure that it’s made with weather-resistant Italian nylon to keep water out for optimal quality and longevity. No matter what you select, your It bag needs to be able to stand the test of time in fashion and function, so be sure the brand you choose is well-known for their quality and attention to detail. The best brands will have high workmanship standards and quality bag stitching for durability.


Innovative Designs

Your It bag should be expertly designed to organize all of your belongings in a way that makes your life simpler. In the example of backpack totes, the bag should be able to convert into various carrying options such as across the body or over the shoulder with padded straps for optimal comfort all day long. Other details like a detachable key strap or pocket for your lipstick help you maximize your space and time as you quickly locate your belongings. Bonus points if the bag has a signature interior like a checkered pattern for increased visibility as well. The brand should also offer a range of styles to help you find the It bag that best matches you and your lifestyle.