Weekend Plans with a Traveler Bag and a Side of Empowerment

Weekend Plans with a Traveler Bag and a Side of Empowerment

Weekend getaways are always a fabulous idea for modern professional women. They get you out of the house and into a refreshing environment. This is ideal if you need a break from a commanding schedule. You might also need a fresh perspective for a work project. Sometimes, you can make the weekend a kind of escape without even leaving the city.


These short weekend trips do not require much planning or preparation. Yet, as the boss babe you are, you might not be able to help yourself. After all, planning is a part of the fun. You can pack a traveler bag to perfection and write pristine to-do lists for blissful departures from everyday life. Do what you need to do to enjoy the weekend.


Ideal Weekend Getaway Locations

If you love those one-night stays away from home, you’ll have different kinds of places within driving distance. Do you live along the East Coast or West Coast? Consider a coastal getaway. There are bed and breakfasts sprinkled along the coast. You may even be able to leave after work on Friday to wake up to that salty ocean breeze. Look up nearby cabins or nice resorts with pools and spas if you’re landlocked. As you plan, don’t forget to pack a bag ahead of time. This is especially useful if you leave on Friday after work or early Saturday morning.


Other Ideas to Get You Out of the House

On the other hand, you may be staying home for the weekend. It happens more often than not, so don’t overcomplicate things. Make simple plans that take you away from your home or work environment. They’ll help you push the refresh button on your life and in your work bag.


Change up your typical routines. Instead of filling your bag for a weekend away, add a few items you usually wouldn’t take to work. Then, visit a local park for some time in the sun. Head to a nearby farmers’ market and have an impromptu picnic. Go to a museum that’s been on your list and get lost in the exhibits. There are also cafés with quiet corners where you could sit and read the book that’s been resting on your side table.


The Kind of Bag You Need for the Weekend

Now, you might already know this, but you can use the same bag for both weekends and weekdays. This is especially true if it is a high-quality investment bag. The best will have features allowing for convenient packing, easy access to things you need, and style.


A designer traveler bag offers you a chic look for both professional and casual environments. It should also have ample space for items like a laptop or tablet and a planner. It can have the look of an elevated, duffle-style bag. Seek out one with elegant, ethically manufactured Italian nylon, an adjustable strap with a shoulder pad, and a roomy central compartment.


Alternatively, you might prefer a bag like a convertible backpack tote for when you’re staying in the city. This bag style should still be able to hold your tablet or laptop. The best feature padded, reinforced straps so they can be comfortably carried in a variety of ways. You’ll want to find an organized interior with different compartments. Also, seek out quality materials, such as a sustainably produced Italian leather exterior. Both bag styles have their merits, and you’ll find they are equally stunning weekend bags.


What to Bring in a Traveler Bag for a One-Night Trip

Going away for even one night certainly requires adding a bit more to your bag than a day trip. In your traveler bag, there should be a few must-haves. These include a hair tie that suits any style, from a braid to a bun, and a change of clothes. Additionally, you’ll want your toothbrush, a cosmetics bag, and any necessary tech like your chargers or a laptop. Some of the best duffle-styled bags might even come with a matching toiletry bag.


There are also other, less-essential things you might want to pack. You could bring under-eye masks for a soothing or rejuvenating lift. Maybe you’ll pack a swimsuit for a dip in the ocean or a pool. Then, there is always that book you’ve been meaning to read. If your bag has a ventilated compartment, consider adding a change of shoes for the weekend.


What to Bring in a Traveler Bag for a Day Out and About

Similarly, there will be a little bit of packing for a weekend spent locally. While you might not carry a change of clothes, you might want a jacket or scarf, depending on the weather. Daily out-of-office essentials include a hair clip or hair tie, plus snacks and water.


Other than that, the contents of your bag may be more dependent on where you’re going for the day. If you’re spending time in the sun, add sunscreen and a hat to your traveler bag. Are you going to a coffee shop? Make sure you have a book or your laptop. If you want to spend the day in a museum, your traveler bag may be the lightest it has ever been, or you may opt for your convertible backpack tote. Either way, make sure your bag comes with padded, comfortable straps for ease of carrying.


Going Back to Work After the Weekend

After the weekend is over, you must empty your traveler bag of items you do not need for the office. After all, you want to keep it looking neat and organized. A traveler bag is designed to hold a lot with a spacious interior. However, you don’t necessarily want it to become messy or a catchall for things you don’t need.


Designer bags with thoughtfully composed interiors could have the features you’d be grateful for after a fun weekend. These features may include a laptop or tablet sleeve, pockets for your phone and other small items, and a key strap. Keep pencils and pens in pockets so they don’t mark any beautiful, easy-to-navigate interior lining. Furthermore, you’ll want to have your planner in place for the week ahead. Reorganize your bag after you get home on Sunday to feel more prepared for work the next day.


When you step away for a weekend, do the things you have an actual desire to do. It should not take much planning. Even so, planning things to a tee might speak to the perfectionist in you. You may look forward to seeing a neatly packed traveler bag with everything in its place. You might love itemized lists written ever-so-precisely in cursive. No matter what it is, do what makes you happy over the weekend. Then, you can get back to being the boss babe, modern professional you are when the weekend is over.