5 Distinctive Qualities of Luxury Bags

5 Distinctive Qualities of Luxury Bags

Every woman has different reasons for choosing the bags they do. The features, functionality, and fabric must come together in a practical, attractive way. The shape, style, and size are all important considerations. Beautiful, well-crafted and cared for bags last a long time and they serve multiple purposes. You don’t have to carry around three different bags at once anymore when one premium bag can do it all. What other qualities do great bags have in common?


User-Friendly Interior Lining

Some may not think much about the lining on the inside of a bag upon purchase. But these details don’t go unnoticed by discerning consumers. Specifically, no one wants to dig around into the “black hole” of their bag. An interior lining that allows for greater visibility inside the bag is a much more user-friendly experience. Some brands have signature interior linings that distinguish their brand from others while also making it easier to see the contents inside. The best go-to bags even include compartments for shoes and laptops, so everything has its place.


Comfortable Straps

Have you ever got a bag that you can’t wear on your shoulder because the straps are too short, not comfortable, or annoying slide off your shoulder? That’s a pretty big pet peeve, especially if there’s not a removable cross-body strap included. A high-quality brand thinks about all the details involving straps and the different ways a woman may carry a bag. Some of the best, most versatile bags and backpack totes can be worn on the arm, over the shoulder, across the body, or carried as a backpack with broad, comfortable straps.


Several Color Options

Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Women typically like to choose from among several color options in a particular style of bag, so they aren’t forced to choose one that everyone else will have and so it matches their own signature style. Even among classic colors, we all have different preferences on which bag will look the best overall. Upon finding a premium bag they love, many women even like to have the same bag in multiple colors.


Durable Construction

The bags we use get us through our daily lives with ease and protect the contents inside. Genuine Italian leather, nylon, and canvas are the type of materials that are strong, tear-resistant, sometimes scratch-resistant, and still look great over time. High-quality hardware is important too—and it’s not just about looks. You want the zippers to glide smoothly and the stitching on handles and pulls to stay in place.


Fashion & Function

Some bags never look out of place, no matter where you go. A modern, stylish bag fits in at the gym, at the grocery store, and at the office. And it looks great with whatever you are wearing that day. Your favorite blue gym bag is your go-to companion because it can take you straight from work to a weekend adventure as an overnight bag without sticking out like a sore thumb. Quite the opposite, in fact. It’s the type of bag that people want to know where you got it.