3 Designer Work Bags That Are on Trend for Spring 2022

3 Designer Work Bags That Are on Trend for Spring 2022

It’s official: Spring is on its way. And as we spring clean our closets and our desks, you might want to clean out your old work bags to prepare for something new. Treating yourself to a new work bag can help invigorate you for the coming season and put a bit of spring excitement into your weekly work schedule. Investing in a designer work purse is about combining timeless fashion with the organization you need to keep your work on track.


This spring, we are looking for work bags that have a chic, fashion-forward sense and are built to handle your work essentials while flowing seamlessly with your everyday life. These are the designer work bags that effortlessly transition from the office to happy hour and from weekend errands to brunch. 


A Versatile Traveler Bag

With the return of warmer weather, everyone has travel on their minds. And whether that means road tripping away for a weekend or booking a week-long spring break trip, you need a bag that can keep up. A traveler bag is precisely what you need to keep yourself organized and fashionable while traveling.


Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, a designer traveler bag is a perfect companion. It can provide you with the organizational spaces you might need for your work essentials, like a laptop, phone, and paperwork. It should also be able to fit a few extra sets of clothing. Bonus points if it comes with a washable laundry bag. Some of the best may even feature a separate compartment for extra pairs of shoes and a toiletry case, as well as a luggage sleeve at the back for ease of travel.


A Convertible Backpack Tote

Tote backpacks have all the luxury of a designer bag but with the bonus of doubling as a sleek backpack. What makes the convertible backpack tote exceptional is that you can carry it as a tote or as a backpack on a whim. This is only one part of what makes this the ideal work bag that slides seamlessly from the office into Sunday brunch. Look for a backpack tote with padded, reinforced straps to make for comfortable carrying, no matter how you decide. The best should also feature room for a laptop or tablet and be expandable as your need to carry more or less varies.


An Iconic Work Satchel

The iconic work satchel is always on trend for a sleek and chic professional look. Work satchels are designed to get the most out of your workday organization by having the ability to fit a laptop or tablet, as well as binders, books, and whatever else you might need. The timeless design makes it an elegant addition to any ensemble, especially when choosing sustainable and ethically made materials like full-grain Italian leather. Some designs even include a detachable center pocket that can double as a clutch for when you need to run errands during the workday. This is a classic “it” bag—and it never goes out of style